Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dexter and Christmas... Mostly Dexter

10 days till Christmas. Yikes!!!!... I need to get cracking on so many levels.

I haven't blogged in so long... My last entry was nearly a month ago. I've been busy with so many other things. Sadly I've not sat in my little scrappy corner to craft, but I will soon. 

I have made a couple of new Christmas cards, I'll post those pictures later.

Mostly I have to write about Dexter. *Michael C Hall, I love your creepy goodness.*

I am still devastated by the season ending on Dexter. MIND BLOWING ending. I didn't see it coming (and I consider myself a good predicter of endings.) I was duped, which I love. One side of me enjoys the shock. But the other side of me is a little disappointed.

I think the writers could have built up the story to let us anticipate (in “sitting on the edge of your seat” fear) what was to come. Spoiler Alert... Trinity - Arthur Miller - kills Rita. GASP!.... I liked the shock factor but perhaps it would have been more suspenseful if we knew that Rita had returned. Perhaps the most disturbing part – in my opinion – the part that I couldn't get out of my head for two days – was to see little Harrison sitting in a puddle of his mommy's blood, right next to the tub where she lay murdered.

Honestly, I suspected Rita would be killed off this season. Although I thought it would have happened earlier in the story so that Dexter could kill Trinity with anger and revenge. I didn't even like Rita very much. I used to like her, but this season she nagged Dexter too much.

I like when a story gets all tied together in the end. Like the way that one action would have a trickle effect of clarity on other things. YKWIM? The shock factor was there for Rita's death, but I almost feel a little cheated that it wasn’t part of the story that we were following – not really. I watched the ending again to listen more closely to what Trinity said to Dexter. I wanted to hear if there were any clues. The only thing that he said was "it's already over...," which - even knowing the ending - doesn't give me a clue. The thing that I did enjoy watching for the second time was Dexter's reaction to what Arthur said. The look of puzzlement on his face was really good, it’s like he suspected something was off… But didn’t know what. It was subtle though... Very subtle, cause seconds later when Dexter says "now it's over" (as he slams the hammer down to kill Arthur) it ties that little piece together – until the end of course.

Anywho... I'm not a TV writer (but I’m sure I’d be excellent! - LOL) I still love the show, despite my reluctance with the ending. I still love Dexter. I think the story line and the actors are phenomenal. It’s still my favourite show. I still plan to re-watch the entire season from the beginning. Deborah (Jennifer Carpenter) is still my idol (although Jen, eat a cookie girl! You give new meaning to skinny.)

It's funny to think how many of us devoted Dexter watchers are cheering for the killer (but he's a good killer...) I'm really looking forward to next season in September 2010. Yikes!!! Man, how will I endure the winter... The spring... The summer... ??? I guess Nurse Jackie will have to fill the void. : )


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