Monday, June 19, 2017

Decorating Shelves

Tweaking this...  Moving that...  Changing those...  It's fun to decorate shelves and continually change them up.  There are so many pretty decorative items that I cannot leave the shelves unchanged for too long.

Whether you make changes seasonally; Or perhaps the changes come with a new favourite colour; I find myself moving items, or relocating them or removing them altogether - if only temporarily.

Here are some of my shelves as they look today:

I love white creamers.  Big.  Small.  I love them all.  I like to peruse the thrift stores and garage sales for beautiful ones.  My collection has reached the point where I will only allow myself to buy a "new" one IF it is absolutely beautiful in my eyes.  I must love-love-love it.  No chips allowed.  A little graze cracking is okay.  Some discoloration is tolerable, but I must LOVE it. Even then, I sometimes force myself to donate an older one from my collection that is, well - a little less loved.  :)

The cinnamon sticks are a leftover decoration from Christmas.  I liked how they look year round, adding a bit of rustic charm.  The patina on the silver pieces looks great against the white plates.

Even while I was taking these pictures, I relocated the three little creamers and the piece of coral to opposite sides - it's an never-ending hobby.  

In my craft room, the shelves are decorated with both decorative and functional items.  The jars of buttons are a favourite. Most of these buttons are vintage.  I remember many from when I was a young girl.  My mom could not - or would not - throw out a button.  She'd say "you never know when you might need it!" So now my mom's hoarding habits are a beloved feature on my shelf.  

Although not a shelf, I like the black iron decorative wall hangings.  It adds a nice touch to the empty wall.  I placed some pretty card stock paper and a flower.  

Happy Monday.